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Water Bars are Big Business

We are a company with extensive experience of water treatment, so we understand better than most the importance of ensuring the purity of every drop of water that millions of South Africans consume every day. However, despite the best efforts of municipal treatment plants, tap water can become contaminated by ageing pipework. Also, many consumers find that even the small traces of chlorine present in their domestic supply can give it an unpleasant taste.

Bottled Water Earning Billions Worldwide

Concerns like these have prompted rapid growth in the demand for ultra-pure water and launched a global water-bottling industry that analysts predict will be worth more than US$300 billion by the year 2024. In 2016, a study of worldwide packaged beverage sales produced some surprising results. While alcoholic beverages accounted for 22% of sales and fizzy drinks for 20% (with milk and dairy drinks runners-up at just 15%), clean, bottled water was the clear winner with a 30% market share. In practice, around 60% of the bottled-water business comes from still rather than sparkling products, and this figure is expected to rise.

Your Chance to Join This Lucrative Business

A sluggish economic climate has prompted retailers to find new revenue streams. At the same time, a lack of formal employment opportunities has also spurred many South Africans to look for ways in which they can create their own incomes. With the advances in water-purification technology, it has become relatively simple, even for smaller retailers, to set up a water-bottling plant and to become a part of this thriving and lucrative industry. To make the task even easier, RO Water Bars is now offering both the equipment and the expert backup to get you started in the growing water business.

How Does It Work?

You can choose from a range of complete water bars with capacities that range from 1200 to 7000 litres per day. After softening (if necessary) and pre-filtration, final purification is performed by a state-of-the-art reverse-osmosis water-purification unit. Crystal-clear, clean water is produced, and delivered to a 220-litre glass storage and display tank with a dispensing tap for bottling. Bottles may be branded and subject to a deposit scheme to encourage return business.

Who Will Buy Your Water?

Water bars automatically attract increased walk-in trade from people who are simply thirsty, giving you the opportunity to make additional sales. The attractive display tank is certain to appeal to regular customers, while some additional marketing in your community could also secure sales to smaller retail outlets – and even contracts to supply gyms and office parks. Water bottling is big business and RO Water Bars can help you secure your share of this lucrative market.

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