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RO WATER BARS - better water, everytime!

RO Water Bars is a specialist in the technology of water treatment and a supplier of water-treatment equipment for household and industrial use. For those who are unfamiliar with the terms of the water-purification industry, the letters R and O stand for “reverse osmosis”, which is one of the most effective technologies available to purify water. It has also become of increasing significance since desalination plants have started to appear of in South Africa.

We operate a network of agents across South Africa to advise on water-related enquiries and to assist in the supply of any equipment that may be required. However, not only are we in the business of water purification, but we are also dedicated to assisting others to join us in the business – not as franchisees with financial and performance obligations to a franchisor, but either as participants in a joint venture or as 100% owners of a retail outlet.

For some, this could be the right to sell the various water-treatment products that make up our company’s range. For others, however, we offer the opportunity to become part of a worldwide bottled-water business that is set to generate more than US$300 billion annually within the next 5 years.

Our RO water bars produce ultra-pure water, ready for bottling and, under our expert guidance, can provide a lucrative new revenue stream for retailers of all sizes. Our goal is your success.